Market Access can be considered an integrated process with various interdependent parts

We provide a global and practical vision 

We know the needs of the hospitals and patients. We talk to private and corporate investors daily. We know the needs of the companies that develop and produce the technology and innovation. We connect everybody’s needs and solutions in an integrated and effective way








The first step for a successful Market Access process is a good strategic planning. It is about analyzing the market and its trends, interactions and dynamics to generate and adequate corporate strategy. Work is done on objectives and metrics definition and a design of a strategic plan to enter the market and grow sustainably. It is about capitalizing on new opportunities and potential alliances, focusing available resources in a planned and synergic way to obtain an optimal efficiency and return.

Sometimes this part is works through the use of business coaching methodologies, with very good results.



A good planning process is usually not enough to guarantee success in the market, which is complex and subject to diverse external factors. It is necessary to prepare the market, through a clinical and commercial validation with strategic references. We also have to look into aspects related to regulatory approval, reimbursement systems that apply to the product or technology being developed.

At interlid healthcare we accompany our clients throughout the process, from the initial planning to the first sales and distribution, ensuring the development of references and alliances that will make commercial success possible.



At interlid healthcare we work with companies that may occasionally represent clear investment opportunities. We know our clients very well, as we collaborate in aspects such as the financial valuation of the technology and its development potential, and keep in mind the barriers to the market and existing risks. We also accompany our clients in their route to market to ensure their commercial success.

Therefore, we are in a strong position to 1) identify potential investment opportunities, collaborate in the process of valuation and negotiation, and 2) look for investors interested in specific opportunities.